Laura Lyn O. -St. Louis, MO

“I have worked with Eric at two different times in my life now and with the results, he has helped me obtain, I don’t ever want to not have him again. First, he helped me move to a new cardiovascular level, then he helped me lose weight, improve my strength and tone my body all the while being incredibly patient, encouraging, helpful and… trustworthy.

Eric has helped me to tone, gain a great deal of strength, endurance, improved metabolism and above all else self-confidence. I am much more comfortable in believing that I will be able to obtain and maintain a healthy level of fitness throughout my life which I was quite concerned about previously. Thank You, Eric!”

Veronica L. -Cincinnati, OH

“Eric has introduced me to a whole new world [of fitness] and has continued to guide, educate, encourage, and motivate me in ways that I could have only imagined. The things I like most about him is that he is a very realistic, personable, understanding trainer. Eric lead me to the place where I can achieve and discover the results that I desire. I never thought much about personal training until met him. I look forward to to long happy, healthy, fit future under his direction.”

Tyson J.-Louisville, KY

Eric is a passionate advocate of fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle. He sincerely enjoys helping people accomplish their fitness goals as well as working towards his own.

Laura C. -Novi, MI

“At the start of January, I started working one-on-one with Eric to help improve my overall fitness and lose weight by my sisters’ wedding at the end of July. Since then I have completed four sessions, four weeks in length, and have dropped five pounds and six percent body fat. Eric provides a variety of workouts that help me meet my specific goals while keeping the routine from being monotonous. Additionally, he pushes me to challenge myself by adding more weight and eating healthier. If it weren’t for him, I would still be far away from reaching my goals.”

Lauren W. -Cincinnati, OH

Eric is personable, always on time, and respects my time. I have achieved, and continue to achieve, great results and his service is given at a very fair price. No two workouts are the same. He adjusts for my mental, emotional and physical status each time I see him. He listens to me and helps me achieve my goals, but also knows when to push me to a higher level than I thought possible. We laugh, but we work hard. I’m going to live longer and with less stress because of Eric.

Steph W. -Cincinnati, OH

“Eric was exactly what I needed. He made going to the gym fun and never failed to amaze me with “new” exercises. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone who doesn’t know what to do in a gym and needs just a little bit more motivation. Thanks, Eric!

Brian G.-Chicago, IL

I’ve known Eric personally and professionally for over 5 years. Eric’s passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has become his forte. His personality and energy coupled with his hard work and knowledge of the health and wellness industry will only lead Eric to become an industry leader himself.

Itaal S.
19 reviews 94d ago

eric is knowledgable and enthusiastic. he understands his client well.

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