Personal Fitness Training

Safe and effective personal fitness training for business professionals looking to get strong, stay mobile, and live better. Contact me now to get started with two complimentary appointments. 


What his clients are saying

  • review rating 5  Fantastic, energetic and knowledgeable. I look forward to the workouts and appreciate Eric’s commitment to his clients.

    thumb Jessica Lieberman

    review rating 5  I’ve worked with other trainers, but Eric’s approach has helped me hit my goals and kept me motivated.

    thumb Jim Goetz
  • review rating 5  Eric is an amazing trainer! Very knowledgeable, fun, mixes things up and gets results. I've been going to Eric for over a year now and it's made a huge difference in how I look and feel! Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    thumb Greg Frye

    review rating 5  Eric is a pioneer in Proper Strength Training and creating a healthy lifestyle. Eric truly has a passion for training his clients as well as spreading his knowledge through phone conversation, the Fitness Candor Podcast and in his sessions. I highly recommend getting to know Eric and experiencing one of his world class workouts!

    thumb Tyler McCarthy
  • review rating 5  Eric is professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work. He takes a coach-like approach: gets to know your goals, pushes you a little further than you thought you'd go, and creates a climate of accountability (who wants to let Eric down?!). Workouts are fast-paced and challenging, but leave you feeling energized for the day. I work harder in a half-hour with Eric than I ever did in an hour on my own. What more could you ask for in a personal trainer? I'm a relatively new client of Eric's, but I feel more confidence in our partnership than anything I've tried before. Highly recommend!

    thumb Ashley Wollam

    review rating 5  I like working with Eric. He is always motivational and pushes me to work hard. I get bored easy so I enjoy Eric’s sessions because they are always different. He changes it up and makes it fun

    thumb Patty Frondorf
  • review rating 5  Working out with Eric is a pleasure. In the years he's been training me, I've never seen him in anything but a good mood and a positive frame of mind, which really helps keep me motivated. His workouts are varied and challenging, so there's no possibility of boredom or feeling in a rut. Thanks to him, I've seen improvement in every aspect of my fitness, from strength and stamina to balance and flexibility. On top of that, he's a smart, personable, likable guy you'll enjoy getting to know. I can't recommend Eric highly enough.

    thumb Bob Woodiwiss

    review rating 5  I've been training with Eric for over 4 years now. Over a year ago, I moved about an hour away from the gym. However, I still make the drive to work out with Eric 3 days a week because I believe he is a phenomenal trainer. From day 1, he understood my goals and he has continuously helped me to break through each one allowing me to set higher ones. Eric is not pushy but he is very positive and motivating. He has tremendous knowledge in health, diet and exercise and continues to educate himself so that he can translate into results for his clients. He never becomes stagnant in his programs which I like because it keeps me interested and also prevents me from hitting a plateau. Plus, he is an all-around super nice guy. Whatever your goal is, I highly recommend Eric...he will transform your health and body!

    thumb Kendell Adler