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Goal Setting and Action Plans


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Setting an effective goal is a challenging task when starting any program especially for one's health and wellness.  Follow these few steps to set up your action plan to accomplish your goal.

1. Define your goal: It isn't enough to simply say "I will lose weight" or "I will start exercising".  Make a statement and derive the rest of your plan based on that statement.  Say your long term goal is to lose 8 pounds using exercise for your main modality. Your defining goal statement should look something like this; "I will exercise two to three days a week for the next 30 days".  This statement is called an outcome focused goal.  An outcome focused declares what your long term goal is and puts a time stamps it as well.

2. Create and action plan: Now that you have your outcome focused goal it's time to hit the gym!  What are you going to do though?  Don't just decide to walk aimlessly into the gym trying to figure out what your'e going to do once you get there.  Make action steps or an action plan that specifies you researching gyms around the area, or doing 30 minutes of walking, 20 minutes of circuit training, or taking an afternoon group exercise class. Remember, you were specific about the frequency so make sure you put time aside for your action steps.

3. Execute and revisit (Hint; set your action plan for two weeks at a time so you can evaluate if your plan makes sense for you.): Once you find the right gym or decide to walk for two to three days actually do it! Reward yourself for completing your activities every two weeks.  Take that time to review your progress and ask yourself if you enjoy what your doing and make modifications if needed.

So there you have it.  A simple and full proof way to set goals and follow through.  I like to keep things as simple as possible and this is about as simple (but effective) as it gets! If you have questions send them here.

Until next time-Eric

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Gym sounds and other funny stuff.

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My profession is very interesting and entertaining in many ways. I hear a lot of different noises, remarks, and conversations as a personal trainer.  Some things crack me up, others I'm shocked by and every so often I hear something enlightening.  So, I thought I would create a running list of everything I find humorous, disturbing, etc.  The list might contain single words, short phrases or maybe a conversation...or the gist of one at least and anything in parenthesis are my own thoughts.  If you belong to a gym and hear strange things please share in the comments!
Can I go home now?(I want to take a nap in my car-5:45am)It's the consensus that the lunge and treadmill are the least useful things you offer.

What is happening right now, what am I doing?!

Stop telling me what to do!


A third set? Really?
I hate you.
I think I might be sick.
Of course I didn't eat breakfast.
I will pay you to have someone else do that exercise for me.
You're lucky I'm here today!
I'm so hungover.
That's enough, I'm going home. (Said mid workout)
I can't believe I pay you so I can do lunges.
That's too hard.
(Lot's of strange grunting that mildly resembles NatGeo calls of the wild)
Whew, nice warm up...See ya next week!
I hate when my calfs are's so annoying.

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