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Right on Cue

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Personal trainers probably spend 75% of their time using coaching cues to train clients. When someone breaks form, when someone starts to run out of gas, or when trainers notice self-doubt start to creep in we say, “Tighten your core!” or “Beat your last personal record!” Not screaming mind you, but a firm reminder of how that individual needs to tighten up their form or just to give them something to focus on.

Of course, as a trainer myself, I would hope my clients hear my voice in their head when they have decisions to make that could derail their personal fitness/health goals. Before my clients exit the gym I try leaving them with a message so they are able to cue themselves should a moment call for it. For instance, “What do I need to do today to reach my goal?” or “Stay focused and strong!”

In a way it’s almost like a mantra. You can say anything really as long as you make it your own and it works for you. It is important to have a keyword or phrase to keep you in check during that moment when you’re struggling with something that might ruin your progress. Once you find it, use it often and give it your voice. You’ll be amazed how much time you spend using your new mantra. Also, you'll be thankful it’s not your trainer’s voice for once and that you’ve conquered the challenge on your own.

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