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You Are What You Think

Onnit Labs

Positive thinking has been linked to patients recovering from traumatic surgery faster to acing a mid-term exam.  Not many everyday gym goers appreciate the power of positive thinking.  Instead they simply go to the gym, crank through 45 minutes of cardio, and move on not aware of how really thinking about the benefits of that workout.

I tell people all of the time to move through full ranges of motion during workouts.  Specifically, during core movements, I tell them "Let your body go where your head goes". When you turn your head your body automatically follows.  Next time you're at the mall try to notice what happens when you turn into a store; your head turns then your body follows.
The same principle can be applied to your workouts and overall health for that matter.  Start putting positive thoughts into your workouts like "this cardio workout is going to burn 100 calories and I'm going to feel great!".  Or, you might try really focusing on a certain muscle group you're training. Follow the range of motion and how hard your'e pushing the exercise.  Seriously put some thought into each exercise and watch the power of positive thinking improve the way you feel, look and perform!

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