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Get the Most Out of Your Appointment

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You want to get the best workout you can, right?   So, before you meet your trainer at the gym consider these tips:

1) If it's your first appointment with a trainer come prepared. You might have some basic paperwork to complete so show up five minutes early.  Your trainer knows you're coming so hopefully they have the paperwork waiting for you.  Filling it out before your workout saves time for you and your trainer.  Also, if you can, come to the workout wearing the proper can't do many lunges in jeans.

2)  Get some sleep the night before your appointment.  A restful night will not only help you ace that big presentation at work but it will allow you to perform  your best during the workout.  You should be sharp, paying attention to what your trainer is demonstrating and instructing. Plus, your nervous, muscular, and cardio systems will need recovery from your previous workout or night out on the town.

3) During your workout really listen to your trainers coaching cues. Try to learn something from each visit.  You don't need to memorize it but pick up on some of things the trainer says about your form, tempo, and technique. Take rests when you really need one not when you don't want to work hard. If you have to workout on your own at least you will have enough knowledge to go through a safe and effective workout.

4) Post workout is extremely important!  It's where all of your hard work really pays off.  There's more to it though than eating some protein believe it or not.  You should stay hydrated and eat a balanced meal within an hour of strength training and very intense cardio sessions.  Your sleep and recovery routine is just as important as what you put into your body.  Remember tip number two?  Set a timer, turn off the TV, do whatever it takes to get 7-8 hours of sleep.

Follow these simple tips to the "t" so you and your trainer get the most out of your appointment.

Post how these tips have helped you here.

Until next time-Eric

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