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The Warrior Ethos

Onnit Labs

This video is a thinker. I don't agree with little things here and there but it's a good message.  No matter what you do, perform like a warrior!

What is a Warrior? from Warrior Poet on Vimeo.

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Step Up Your Workout Part 3

New MOOD by Onnit

Once you've mastered the first two step up variations then you'll love adding the reverse deep lunge step up to your program.  This step up variation is and advanced movement and should be done with great care and ideally with an experienced coach or trainer.  All step ups target the same muscle groups (quad, hamstring, glutes) but the reverse deep lunge step up will challenge your motor skills as well.  It's important to keep perfect form while lowering yourself into the reverse lunge so take a couple of practice steps off the box first.  Concentrate on keeping your torso upright, head in a neutral position and once again limit any chance of bouncing from the reverse lunge into the step up.  Watch Julie perform the exercise then try it yourself (in front of a mirror is you don't have a spotter).  Good luck!

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Step Up Your Workout Part 2

Onnit Labs

After getting a solid handle on the dumbbell step up you may want to vary your step up style.  Nothing can replace the basic step up function, mind you, but it's alright to mix it up.  In this video we see Julie perform the step up and over which is traditionally used more for cardio than pure strength.  By implementing this movement you target the hip adductor and abductor as well as glutes, quad and hamstring.

Be on the lookout for Part 3!

Give this exercise a try an post comments, concerns, or questions here.

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Step Up Your Workout Part 1

Shroom TECH Sport by Onnit

Every smart, well programed workout (full body or leg specific) should incorporate a form of step up.  Step ups specifically work the quad and glute of the elevated leg.  Secondary major muscle groups being work are the hamstring of both legs.  This exercise is ideal for any program type.

The video below shows Julie performing a basic dumbbell step up.  Step ups should be progressed without weight to a challenging weight that does not effect the thoracic form of exerciser. Notice how Julie's hip explodes at the top of the movement causing her legs and hips to end in full extension.  She controls the motion back to the floor landing flat footed not bouncing off the ball of her foot.  Not bouncing between each rep is crucial in maintaining proper form and maximizing hip and quad function.  Also note her elevated knee positioned at 90*.  It's important to keep this angle throughout the entire movement.  Beginners should begin working at a lower degree while experienced trainees may bring their elevated knee above their hip.

I will post Step Up Your Workout Part 2 tomorrow!


Give this exercise a try an post comments, concerns, or questions here.

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Press and Pull Workout

Alpha BRAIN by Onnit

This workout is designed to increase your heart rate, use multiple muscle groups and maintain appropriate muscle balance. Using a heavier more challenging weight can increase caloric expenditure and muscle growth.

Each exercise should be performed 12-15 repetitions with as heavy as a weight as possible while keeping perfect form.  Move from one exercise to the next before resting 30-60 seconds (or as long as it takes for you to recover). Repeat this cycle three to four times. Click the "i" icon for more exercise instructions.





Remember to breath, adjust weights accordingly, and move at a pace that is just out of your comfort zone.

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