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Are you progressing?

Progression is a natural part of life.  We progress from diapers to big boy pants, from soft food to solids, t-ball to slow pitch, kindergarten through high school, even dating to marriage.  By definition, progression is a continuous and connected series.  Even more, progression leads to advancement and growth of a certain task or set of tasks.

We use progression in fitness training as a means to achieve a goal to become stronger, more flexible, etc.  Progression is part of the science and art of personal training and it’s important to recognize when and when to implement it into a program.  Often times I hear a client’s frustration when they have been performing an exercise for a month with no gain.  Gains do not happen until the demand to progress is initiated, i.e., increased weight, reps, an added set.  Once this process happens strength gains occur and the process starts over.

Progression is used not only in lifting a certain amount of weight but in executing a movement as well.  For instance, a beginner exerciser shouldn’t start out with a push up if they’ve never done a single rep.  Instead, one might start with a wall push up and progressively move to an incline push up incrementally decreasing the incline until a floor push up is accomplished.

Add the method of progression to your exercise program and watch your results PROGRESS!

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